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  1. Ur Fat Nan

    End Game Guide

    Vanity End Game Guide Congratulations on completing the intermediate guide! From here on out you will be grinding towards the best in-slot items that are in-game. Step 11: lava nex most notable drops are the pet and the amulet since they increase your drop rate by a decent amount lava pernix and torva give 0 drop rate but do help with dps. Lava nex: Requirements: Prestige 3 Drops: 1:1200 Lava nex jr: 7% dr Lava torva helm Lava torva platebody Lava torva platelegs Lava amulet: 5% dr (best in-slot amulet) Lava pernix helm Lava pernix body Lava pernix chaps Step 12: at corrupt dragons you far the Armour pieces to attempt and upgrade them with a 16% chance , i it does upgrade you receive a death piece which gives u 2% dr per piece. Corrupt dragon: Requirements: Prestige 3 Drops: 1:1200 Corrupt torva platebody (can be upgraded into death platebody 16% success rate) (gives 2% dr) Corrupt torva platelegs (can be upgraded into death platelegs 16% success rate) (gives 2% dr) Corrupt torva full helm (can be upgraded into death full helm 16% success rate) (gives 2% dr) Corrupt jr. (7% dr pet) Step 13: the Donald Trump set gives the same amount of drop rate as the death set but the trump set gives a lot more strength if we compare both sets. (see gear guide by blackheart) Donald trump: Requirements: 10000 KillCount Drops: 1:900 Trump helm (2% dr) Trump body (2% dr) Trump legs (2% dr) Trump boots (0% dr) Trump gloves (0% dr) Trump jr. (10% dr) Step 13: Jennifer Aniston is the best in-slot Armour since it gives 3% drop rate per piece the requirements may take some time to obtain but it will be worth it. Jennifer Aniston: Requirements: 10000 KillCount and prestige 3 Drops: 1:900 Aniston hair (0% dr) Aniston body (3% dr) (best in-slot) Aniston legs (3% dr) (best in-slot) Aniston boots (0% dr) Aniston gloves (0% dr) Aniston jr. (12% dr) (best farmable pet)
  2. Ur Fat Nan

    Slayer guide

    Vanity Slayer guide: This guide will inform you about the locations of most slayer tasks: Wrecker: the Wrecker can be found at ::customs and once you arrive there you will encounter several pikachu’s these npcs count towards your wrecker task. Pikachu: These can be found at ::customs. Elf warrior: These can be found at ::money. Dark beast: These can be found at ::darkbeasts. Man: These can be found ::train. Hill giant: These can be found at the Hill Giant teleport in your monster teleport tab or ::train. Luigi These can be found at ::customs. Spongebob : These can be found at ::customs. Nex : This boss can be found in your cusom bosses teleport. Undead Walrus: This boss can be found in your custom bosses teleport. 24k King: can be located through your boss teleports.
  3. Ur Fat Nan

    Intermediate Guide

    Vanity intermediate guide Congratulations on completing the beginners guide, this guide will help you grow from the point were the beginners guide ended. Step 7: you are going to head over to ::celestial for the following drops. Drop chance: 1:170 - Legion helm (upgradeable to Imperial helm) - Legion platebody (upgradeable to Imperial platebody) - Legion Platelegs (upgradeable to Imperial platelegs) The imperial set gives 1% drop rate bonus per piece. Step 8: After you have finished the imperial set you head over to vet'ion for the following drops - Drop chance 1:100 - Deathful kite (250 strength bonus) - Gold Chain (4% drop rate) Step 9: If you got unlucky and couldn't upgrade Legion pieces head over to Imperial dragons for the following drops 1:600 drop chance - Imperial helm (1% drop rate) - Imperial platebody (1% drop rate) - Imperial platelegs (1% drop rate) - Imperial jr pet (5% drop rate) Step 10: Farm ::customs or ::dr for 100k custom points to get a legends blade The blade gives a drop rate boost of 4% and can be bought from the npc named homer which is located at home in the bank. Step 11: prestiging rewards you an additional 1% permanent drop rate for every prestige and 2 prestige points for every prestige. To be able to prestige you need everything 99 except for construction and dungeoneering. At prestige 3 you unlock the end game bosses these are the corrupt dragons and the lava nex . along with 10000 npc kills which will unlock the Donald Trump boss and the Jennifer Aniston boss.
  4. Ur Fat Nan

    Vanity Beginners Guide

    Vanity Beginners Guide Step 1 : As you log-in your starter items will be in your bank to get started you head over to ::train to get your combat stats up. Step 2: Congratulations you have achieved maxed melee, from here on you should head over to the taverly dungeon to slay blue dragons for dragon bones to get your prayer up to at least 95. (the bank is located west of the bank at home). Step 3: At this point you are probably wondering were u could farm a better weapon to improve your gear, well thats simple you head over to the weapon boxes the teleport for those is located in your monster teleports their drop rate is 1:20. Step 4: From this point on you will be farming better armors and weapons. Head over to ::flameking were u should farm the following gear: 1:80 drop chance Flame torva Helm (upgradeable to flame raptor helm) Flame torva platebody (upgradeable to flame raptor platebody) Flame torva platelegs (upgradeable to flame raptor platelegs) Flame prince (1% drop rate pet) Flame gloves Once you have completed the above requirements you should head to the venetus which drops: 1:100 drop chance Venetus Helm Venetus PlateBody Venetus platelegs Venetus main/off-hand Green glass wings Step 5: from here u can go either to ::hallucking for the following drops: 1:170 drop chance Hallucination full helm Hallucination Platebody Hallucination Platelegs Hallucination sword (this is not a good weapon) For a great melee weapon and boots you should head to ::cerb which can drop the following items: drop chance 1:120 Abyssal dagger Primordial boots for melee. (primordial gives 3% drop rate boost) Eternal boots (gives 3% drop rate boost) Pegasian boots (gives 3% drop rate boost) Congratulations! You have completed the beginners guide from here on out you should be able to farm about anything in your way! Good Luck and Have Fun!
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