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  1. Fate

    Drop Rate Items

    Amulets: 1% Amulet(::dr), 2% Amulet(upg 1%), 3% Amulet(upg 3%), Gold Chain 5% (Vetion), Lava Amulet 7% (Lava Nex) Rings: 1% Ring, 2% Ring, Ring of Wealth 2%, 4% Ring(::dr), 7% Ring(upg 4%), 8% Ring (dono), 10% Ring(dono/vote box), 20% ring (dono) Capes:(All donos) Owner Cape, Bud Cape, Icy Bandos Cape 10% Boots: Primordials, Pegasians, Eternals 3% Gloves: Boxing 4% (dono only) Gear: Imperial 1% each piece, Death, Trump, Aniston 2% each Weapons: Legends Blade 3%(customs shop) Green Raptor 3%(raptor zone) Blue Raptor 4% Royal Rapier 4%(custom,vote,dono) Ichigo Main 7%(ichigos), defender 3% Gilden blade 8%(upgrade bankai) Gilden defender 4% Toxin blade 9%(dono) Toxin defender 5% Pets: 1% 24k, flameking 5% Imperial 6% Homer 7% Corrupt, Lava nex, Ichigo 10% Trump, General Graardor 12% Aniston
  2. Fate

    Old Gear Guide

    Glad to have this up on the forums for the community!
  3. Fate

    Crystal Heart Rewards

    Amazing guide on hearts now everyone knows the rewards!
  4. Fate

    Price Guide

    Armour: Flame Torva Pieces: 100B Flame Raptor: 200B 24k Torva: 75B Venetus: 300B Hallucination Torva: 50B Green Raptor: 3T Blue Raptor: 4.5T Legion: 500B Bronze Sirenic: 500B Iron Sirenic: 750B Icy Torva: 1T Imperial: 3T Lava Torva/Pernix: 8T Corrupt Torva: 20T Death: 25T Trump: 50T Blue Sirenic: N/A Aniston: 70T Avery: N/A Equipment: Eternal,Prims,Pegs: 1T Gold Chain: 5T Lava Amulet: 10T Pink Santa Hat/Donator Cape: N/A Bud shield: N/A Teddy Bear: N/A Double Teddy Bear: N/A Weapons: Ice Katana: 200B Abby Dagger/Bludgeon: 400B Legends Blade: 1.5T Royal Rapier: 5T Green Raptor: 4T Blue Raptor: 8T Ichigo Mainhand: 15T Ichigo Offhand: 15T Gilden Mainhand: 70T Gilden Offhand: 60T Glock: 10T AK-47: 20T Glock U: 22T Minigun: N/A Minijam: N/A Pets: Pet Banker: 10B Flame Torva: 50B 24K: 75B Imperial: 1T Ichigo: 5T Lava Nex Jr: 5T Corrupt: 5T Trump Pet: 60T Bandos: 60T Aniston: 100T Drop Rate: 4% Ring: 5T 7% Ring: 7T 8% Ring: 8T 10% Ring: 10T 20% Ring: 35T Drop Catcher: 30T These items are subject to change of price, these are all rough estimates. WITH RARER ITEMS PRICES MAY VARY BY SELLER.
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